Special Needs Summary

What mental health needs do we address?

Our supported housing project in North West London, comprising two shared houses and six self-contained flats, provides homes for 23 people with enduring mental health problems. Five full-time staff offer ongoing client centred support, liaising closely with the local community mental health team. Service user involvement is positively encouraged, as are self-referrals.


What is Asperger Syndrome?


bha_specneeds1Asperger Syndrome is best understood to be a form of autism, although there are some differences. People with the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome tend to be of average or above average intelligence.


They may have great interest in other people and wish to be sociable, although finding such interaction very baffling.



Contrary to the stereotype of the silent and withdrawn person with autism, the person with Asperger Syndrome may have very fluent language.


Despite good language these people still have problems with communication. They may be over precise, over literal and socially unaware in their communication.


Their good vocabulary often leads people to overestimate their real level of understanding.


People with the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome are often much more aware of their disabilities than people who experience autism. Many gain qualifications through mainstream education, and some continue their education to degree level.


With support and training people with Asperger Syndrome are often able to be active participants in society and are able to contribute effectively to the world of work.

What is Autism?

bha_specneeds1Autism is a developmental disorder which isolates the child or adult from the world as we perceive it. Believed to be caused by brain dysfunction, it affects children from birth or infancy.The condition varies in severity but impairs the natural instinct to relate to fellow human beings.